Health & Beauty

Pumice Stone is the most Natural Stone for daily use; it will help to maintain soft and smooth skin.

* Prevents thick hardened skin

* Avoid and control painful corns and calluses.

* Smoothes your body


Delicate treatment

No chemicals are found in this smooth stone, therefore it won't irritate skin.

It is resistant, odourless, tasteless and non-staining.

It is your travel mate, and should no be absent in your vanity case.



Introduce your feet in warm water.

Scrub firmly over hard skin.

Apply body lotion or mineral oil to treated areas.

Use daily or each time you bathe or take a shower.



picture 1

The Pumice stone also has architectonic use, is used to make different geometric figures and it can be applied so much for the outer and inner part of houses, buildings and more.

picture 1. - This construction is approximately 70 years old and has pumice stone figures.

picture 2. - This is a church totally decorated with pumice stone figures and is arpoximadamente 100 years old.

picture 3. - This is a house a little modern.

picture 2

picture 3



It is possible to elaborate beautiful sculptures with pumice stone acquiring the raw material in the dimensions that the artist needs.

Working with it, is very simple because the pumice stone is a smooth and light material.