We have two pumice stone colours: Pinkrose and Gray colour.

We accept work with the brand of the client or using ours.


To prepare this product, the raw material is put under a rigorous selection previously, soon we work the diverse designs, all very attractive, and also we are in capacity to produce exclusive designs ordered by the client. According to the photographies, we can add a cotton cord (cotton rope)

Our pumice stone by the weight and the appropriate quality makes an excellent work like:

Aid to maintain smooth the skin, prevents the hardening of the skin, avoids and controls the painful calluses.


This pumice stone does not contain any chemistry, does not irritate the skin and does not dissolve to the contact with the water.





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Forms of Presentation:

• Skin Packaging

Blister Packaging

• In natural form without packing


Small Amounts: up to 5 000 pieces

Time of Delivery: of 2 to 5 days workable

Medium Amounts: 10 000 to 50 000 pieces

Time of Delivery: of 5 to 7 days workable

Big Amounts: 50 000 to 500 000 pieces

Time of Delivery: of 7 to 10 days workable


Terms of Negotiation: FOB, C&F And CIF

Ways: Marine or aerial


(Click to enlarge the Image)


(Click to enlarge the Image)